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DS PU Main Drainage

drain® siphonic pu
DS PU Main Drainage
Applications • Main & Emergency Drainage System
Material • Polyurethane Body
• Stainless Steel Discharge Pipe
Properties • Smooth, with Connection Sleeve
• Safe Bolted Joint
• With Airstop and Grate
General Properties • Heat Resistant Body
• Thanks to long discharge pipe, can be go through thick insulation.
• To Direct Connection to HDPE Pipelines
• H 1,5: 1,5 kN Minimum Carrying Capacity
• Min. 6mm, Max. 15mm Grate Opening
• Between -20°C and +80°C Long Term Temperature Resistance
• Leak Proof Extension Unit
• Membrane Laminated Polyurethane Outlet
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Drain® Siphonic polyurethane roof outlets are designed considering European standards and empowered with steel spigots, which creates a siphonic effect. Besides being environmentally friendly, these outlets are produced to be resistant to UV/infrared rays, well-known effects of environmental pollution, and shock and impact. The gravel grate on outlets has minimum 1.5 kN loading capacity, and outlets can resist between -20C and +80. Sealing Sleeves selected according to roof cover are laminated to outlet can provide a perfect match with roof membrane.

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