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DRAIN® Parapet Plus SS

drain® parapet
DRAIN® Parapet Plus SS
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Applications • for Emergency Drainage System
Material • Stainless Steel
Properties • Smooth
• Flanged
General Properties • To Direct Connection to PVC Pipelines
• H 1,5: 1,5 KN Minimum Bearing Capacity
• Between -20°C and 80°C Long Term Temperature Resistance
• A1 Fire Class
• Outlet with circular or rectangular
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Drain® Parapet Plus SS Overflow Outlets are designed considering European standards and conventional parapet outlets with circular and rectangular, and flange. Besides being environmentally friendly, these outlets are produced to be resistant to UV/infrared rays, well-known effects of environmental pollution, and shock and impact. Outlets can resist between -20 °C and +80 °C. Because of the outlet flanges, outlets can provide a perfect sealing with roof surface.

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