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reconnaissance .

By our team, which is specialized in drainage systems;;
1. Roof Drainage Systems (Conventional or Siphonic)
2. Emergency Drainage (Parapet, Conventional or Siphonic)
3. Gutter Capacity Controls
4. Roof and Gutter Maintenance (On-Site Application Membrane System, Membrane Panel or Sandwich Panel Systems)
5. Roof accessories (Polycarbonate Skylights, Smoke-Heat Extraction and Ventilation Systems etc.)

The problem encountered are identified and reported. Solution suggestions are presented to the user alternatively.

project designing:.

Our project team will provide the engineering solution for you. The project is designed in accordance with the requirements of the country and European norms.
offer .

Our sales team, whether it is an old building or a redesigned building, will evaluate the current conditions in the best way and make price studies. Together with your proposal, the technical documents of the materials to be used and the work to be done are shared with you customers in detail. So, before we even get started, our client knows what he/she's buying.
Bidding is evaluated under two main topics:
1- Installation: Thanks to our installation teams, we can meet your demands for the turn-key installation of the works we have designed.
2- Sales: We can offer the products you request from our wide product groups as direct sales.

Following the signature of the contract, the time schedule and the distribution of tasks appropriate to the needs of the site are shared with the employer. In order to work in coordination with the other working company or the factory in operation, the work program is shared and the failure and time loss are prevented.
installation .

Work Safety: Our Occupational Health and Safety specialist and the Joint Health and Safety Unit Companies we serve monitor the risks and necessary training and health information of the employees to ensure that the work is completed in a timely and safe manner.

Installation Teams: Our teams are regularly trained. Thus, the technical team can speak the same language. It provides one-to-one installation of the solution and the project.

Project Control: Our technical team controls the compliance of the project and application with the intermediate controls and makes the necessary information.
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