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HDPE Pipe Systems

DRAIN® Siphonic Tempered HDPE Pipe System

hdpe pipe systems
DRAIN® Siphonic Tempered HDPE Pipe System
Applications • Rainwater Drainage System
Material • Tempered High Density Polythene
General Properties • Black
• Between DN40 And DN 315
• Compatible EN 1519
• Heat Transfer Coefficient 0,38 W/m°K
• B2 Normal Flammable
• Average Length Expansion 0,2 mm/m.K
• Modulus of Elasticity 1000 MPa (23°C at)
• Yield Stress 22 Mpa
• Elongation at Tear > % 350 Density
• Can be welded using with EF Coupler or Can Be Done Butt Welding
• -800 mbar Max. Vacuum
technicial specifications
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Drain® Tempered HDPE pipe systems are manufactured according to European standards. The system can resist negative pressure up to -800mbar. The pipe and fittings are thermal expansion controlled by means of tempering process. Smooth inside surface provide to reduce the hydraulic loss. The system can be welded using EF Coupler or butt welding method. It manufactured between DN40 and DN315 nominal sizes.

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